This thought has been long debated amongst the people of God.  Am I doing what I am doing because of the will of God or is it my will? The job that I work at is God in the decision or is it me attempting to justify why I am there? “Well I have to take care of my family don’t I? Well the answer is yes you do,  but the question is “Is that the place God would have you to be?” What about the home you live in is it Gods will for us to be in it?  The relationship I am in does God have a say so in me being in it?

In our current study through the book of 1st Corinthians Paul tells us that he is called to be an Apostle by the will of God! Often times we just go through life making decisions that seem right to us and not including the Lord in it. As I look back on the decision to come to Los Banos it is more evident to me now then ever before why God would lead us here. No doubt if you have been in our services you would have many times heard me say “I was on my way to Pacific Grove.”  Obviously God had other plans to which I am so thankful that He did what He did because only He could do this.

I can honestly say it has not been the easiest thing I have done but it has been one of the most rewarding things in my life (next to marrying Linda & my Grand Kids).  It has now been 4 yrs since we landed here in the big Metropolis of Los Banos on June the 1st.  I have seen many come & many go.  I have seen the Lord heal the blind who now see Jesus when they didn’t before.  I have seen him heal the lame who could not get up because of spiritual abuse and now they are walking all because they have started doing things “God’s Way.”  There is always a strong sense to want to follow our own inclination and desires but this I do know they always lead to total frustration because we are not where God would have us to be.  He desires that we learn more of HIM and not our experiences of Him! This can only come about as we learn how to study His word.  What the people need is to learn to study the word themselves. This takes a real application on our part and when we do this we will begin to see God in everything we do. We will desire His will and not our own.