3 Years ago today Connect-losbanos was launched as a fellowship of ONE! The pundits said it could not happen. We were told there is no way you can bring 3 Pastors together from two fellowships & merge them in Los Banos, it will never work, it never has! It has been tried before with NO success! Three years later and many changes since then, “Connect” is still providing those who desire a balanced bible based teaching from Gods word. We began the merge with the series “God’s Blended Families Fellowships” It was a series designed to show people how God works all things out for His purpose and glory. The pundits were put on notice to watch how God brings 3 men together in a plurality of leadership who are totally sold out to His plan! In these 3 years a lot has continued to change, Pastor Al & Linda have moved to Oregon and began “Connect2.Life” a helps ministry. Pastor Geno has scaled back teaching appearances but is still very much a part of the Administration along with Pastor Al to provide necessary support to Pastor Richard who takes on the majority of the teaching ministry now. “Connect-losbanos was Gods plan not ours” say’s Pastor Al. “The 3 of us were merely vessels that God has brought together in a miraculous way to accomplish what He wanted for the people of Los Banos.” Even though many of the faces have changed since the inception of the merge the one thing that has never changed is our commitment to the exposition of Gods word for the building up of His people. As always, may God truly receive all glory and praise for all He has done these last 3 years and many more to come!