A typical Monday morning will find me with a hot cup of coffee sitting at my desk getting things prepared for the week both here in Sheridan, Oregon & also the events in Los Banos, Ca. Often times praying for the fellowship here and there asking God “what do You want us to do?” Being a person who just hates “status-quot” I am constantly wanting to not be put in a box so I ask of myself & our other 2 Pastors, Geno & Richard “what do You want Lord?” I then fire up our super duper website (Thanks Geno) where I get to stay involved with the latest teaching going on there in Los Banos. To my dismay & surprise I heard what was one of the most pointed messages that I have ever heard from Pastor Richard that caused me to even seek the question “Am I truly His disciple?” Just because a person “does ministry” does not mean they are His disciple. So often we as bible teachers can get caught up with the work that we don’t take the time to daily assess our own right standing with the Lord.  One of the prominent lines used in this past Sunday’s message “Jesus Prays For His Disciples” is “Do we love others as Jesus loves?” It is so easy to bypass the issue when one is not committed to the Word or the fellowship they receive from.  As a personal note I can relate to the message and its content seeing such attitude in the church today and the lack of service. If  I get offended at these kinds of messages it is entirely because of my lack and not what the messenger said. One of the greatest things that the Lord has shown me is the reason that we have experienced what we have in OUR fellowship is in John 17:6 “I have told these men about you. They were in the world, but then you gave them to me. Actually, they were always yours, and you gave them to me; and they have kept your word.” The only way we can possibly do what Jesus prayed for His disciples for is by Keeping His Word! Where I need to start is in Keeping His Word and the only way I can do that is by BEING in His word. Too often in the church it seems that people only come to the table to eat on Sunday mornings and then wonder why they are so anemic the rest of the week. It does not matter how many times we hear this message unless our hearts are engaged. This is what Jesus was able to do, to get the disciples engaged in His teachings. They responded even if it was not the right one ultimately they would get it!. How long can we continue to live and act the way the church has before God brings down His correction? The time is now to stop looking outward at others and look into our own hearts to see if in fact “Am I His Disciple?” Jesus told the disciples that “The World Will Know You Are Mine By The Love You Have For One Another”! Who is the YOU He is talking about? Its YOU & its ME! If you are still having the same issue in your heart with others in your fellowship here is a good remedy. Go and make it right with them or find another fellowship that they are not a part of! This way you will not get offended by a message like “Jesus Prays For His Disciples.” To my brother Pastor Richard  I am proud of you for delivering such a profound message for our time! ~ Al Abdulla