Womens's Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry offers many opportunities throughout the year for women to gather together and fellowship around the study of God’s Word.

In order to obey God we must have an undefiled connection with Him.  Think about Noah; what God asked him to do was completely contrary to his understanding and to those around him.  Yet, he listened, took orders and obeyed God  -despite his surroundings and despite his own understanding.  He had an undefiled connection with God, then we see the amazing thing God did through his obedience (Gen. 7:23); saved his entire household from death.  Wow! what God can do through a life sold out for Him.

My prayer is that we as women would have an undefiled connection with God.  That our love for the Lord would be real and sincere.  That our hearts would be set on obeying God; so that we would bear much fruit in our lives and influence all those around us to fall in love with Jesus.