It was a great time with our Brothers from Refuge Sanger @ today’s Men’s Breakfast. A special thanks to my good friend Pastor John Lanier for sharing with us out of John 15.  It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord uses His word to ignite the hearts of Men. So many analogies regarding the fruit & the vine. This one thing we know for certain Jesus said He was “the true vine” & that the “Father was the vine dresser.”  God knows exactly what to prune away in order to bring about the “Best Fruit.” Some times He removes things from us that are not necessary for our development, sometimes it is people. In times like that we need to not hang on to what the Lord is pruning but seek to hold on to the vine dresser. I once read that the Gardner is the most closest to the vine when he is pruning! May we always know that Our Heavenly Father is always close when He is pruning.

A very special thank you to the guys who put on the Men’s Breakfast. They are true servants who give of their time for you & for me. May the Lord account to them all that He has for them & bless them. We begin praying that the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of all His people in the San Joaquin Valley from Sanger to Los Banos & all stops in the middle. No more Status Quo! Dead Religion is DEAD!

My prayer is that it stays dead never to be revived by man’s efforts. “The Fruit Of The Spirit is!” Lets make sure it stays that way God bless ~PA