I want to take this moment to thank my Brother Jim Serrano who has been a tremendous help to me here @CCLB. Jim has been here from the first day and continues to labor along side of us through thick & thin. Currently he & his bride Tina oversee the “Hospitality Table”  which makes sure the folks have a treat to fellowship by (not that we need that here) but it blesses me to see the people cared for. Jim also teaches in our Children’s Church (Godzkids) and has been doing a marvelous job making them all Theologians ha ha. Today the Lord woke me up and spoke to my heart and just to say “Thank You Jim.” May He always bless yours &nTina’s endeavors & may you always thank Him for the hand that He used to start this great work here in Los Banos. Oh and thanks for pushing me to get this web site finally up so the word can get out here. God Bless my Brother. ~AL