In studying John The Baptist we see a tremendous individual who was cast on the scene here in John chapt 1.  John the Baptist made no pretensions of who he was. He made sure that all the religious folks indeed knew he was NOT the  Messiah.  Many have used the story of John the baptist to attempt to push their religious ideas on others. That we should be like John, owning nothing, emptying ourselves of material things or eating a specific “religious food.” The message of John the Baptist is this “Jesus Christ is the Word of God.” When we see Jesus we see God!  The words that Jesus speaks is the words that God wants us to know.  John said the only thing he was is “The Voice of one crying in the wilderness” and the message is “make straight the way of the Lord.”  What is in our path right now that is keeping the way of the Lord from reaching us? It could be our pride, our jobs, our relationships, poor stewardship. What ever it is, we need to hear what the Spirit is saying to us.  The question can be asked “is my voice leading others to Christ or is it repelling them?” If our voice is leading them to us, then we must hear Johns first words “REPENT…”

Seek to make the path straight and allow the Holy Spirit to be the blade that gets us there.