I was given a book “Shouting at God” by my new friend and brother in the Lord Steve Rose who is the Pastor of  Spring Water Community Church a  great church in Surprise Az. The book is very dear to me as it relates his going through the “Motion of Emotions” as I have often heard it referred to in the passing of his dad. When my Dad succumb to his liver going out on him in May of 2010 and having to say goodbye to him,  I had to deal with so much in his passing.  You never want it to be over, you always want them here with you but as Steve pointed out seeing the struggle that our dads went through physically,  it makes it bearable to let them go.  It is a great read on how often we as Christians think we should not feel or act but the truth is God is bigger than our struggle. He knows our pain, and our desire to hang on to what we think is right.  Steve is a guy who you can be sure is real. If you are in the Surprise Az. area and need someone to help you to see you through those times of separation from parents  or loved ones look Steve up and hey, they have a great group of folks at their fellowship who will make you feel welcomed.

Check out “Shouting at God”

blessings Pastor Al