John 2:1-11

Often times when we see what the Lord is attempting to show us we have to put aside our bias. At first glance it would seem that the total observation of this passage would be the fact that Jesus had created a monumental miracle (sign) as John refers to it. Jesus in fact did do this amazing feat but it is not the whole just of the passage. We know that at these wedding feasts that wine was a very important aspect of the celebration. The text also tells us that it was usually a custom for the groom to set out the inferior celebratory drink last after the guests had already partaken of the good stuff. The Master of the Feast had commented on at this particular feast that the groom saved the best for last. In all actuality Jesus turning the water into wine had provided for the best when all the other wine had run out. It is said that there was an ancient Rabbinical saying that said “where there is no wine, there is no joy.” The wine was in fact an intricate part of the feast. What a tremendous example that Jesus shows us in that He is the provider of the joy at this feast. Even though the things that man relies on for joy,  they all run out eventually. What have I been relying on for my joy? Power, prestige, money, relationships? Whatever we rely on other than Jesus for our joy just simply will run out. The argument of “was did the wine Jesus turned from water actually contain alcohol or was it grape juice?” Let me say this “you have saved the best for last.”  What we need to see is that Jesus is the real joy giver in this. He provides for us the only true lasting joy that never runs out. Seek Jesus and all He has for you!