This is the title of a recent message I delivered for our congregation on a Sunday Morning. Many times people can go through the motions in their worship to the Lord not really having an impact in their walks. As we are going through Genesis, we see in Chapt 35 that Jacob has been called back to God.  He is being called to return to the place that he vowed he would be. Jacob spent approx 10 years being away from where he was supposed to be. Often times I can remember back when I felt I was in the place that God was only to discover He was not there. Jacob instructed his family to bring all their idols so he could bury them under the oak tree as a symbol of ridding themselves from the things they worshiped. He then instructed them that they would as a family, return to Bethel which means  “House of God.” Jacob once again put God First & was restored to rightful worship. Maybe you are finding yourself in a spiritual slump and need to return to Bethel!  Take a spiritual inventory by asking the simple question “God how are things between you and me?” You can be sure that like Jacob, God will answer you!