We often find ourselves here in Los Banos seeing the aftermath of the false teachers and all the damage they do to God’s people.  I even get emails & texts from folks outside of our area asking “WHY.” Why does God allow people to get hurt by others. What their asking is why do “Christians”  hurt others? My answer is always the same “they don’t.”  A true follower of Christ who is at best considered a Christian will not do what is opposite of what Jesus said for them to do? It is a growing thing within this culture that Pastors who fall think they can go down the street and attempt to plant another fellowship. Then God’s people are forced to choose what do they do.  Here is the one fool proof thing that we all as God’s people need to stay focused on….. J E S U S!  Let God deal with the those who hurt His people. If you fall into the same trap as others you fall into the hands of exactly what Satan has planned all along~ TO DISCOURAGE GODS PEOPLE!

Its time to get our focus off of man and keep it on Jesus.  At no time in the history of the world do we see all that Jesus said would happen. We must remember this, the Pastor is a man.  Prayerfully a man that God has called and not one who calls himself (oh there here & there & everywhere) If you follow one of these men don’t complain when they let you down or hurt you or others.  DON’T FOLLOW THEM! This will begin to minimize the inordinate amount of insecure guys who feel they need to be a church leader in order to be something or someone.  I love what the Apostle Paul did in Corinth when he attempted to help the new believers see the error of their ways. They were boasting in following either him or Apollos or Cephas and their focus was on who they knew that they were following. God in His infinite Wisdom knew that this would be a problem even in our day and so He gave us the direction in His word. To all of those who continue to be dismayed by the things you have experienced in church:  STAY FOCUSED ON  J E S U S!