Welcome to our new website. Our desire was to improve this great resource and to make visiting our site and looking up information more convenient and easy to use. We also wanted to focus on building up our community and improving our communication. So here are some of the features you will find our new site.

A cleaner and simpler look. We wanted to provide as much info as possible without cluttering the page. So we implemented a scroll down front page rather than try to cram as much as possible into a square. These days with mobile becoming more popular, its much easier to scroll down that to zoom in and out.

A responsive web design. This simply means that the website will conform to what ever size device you use whether cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC. So you no longer have to zoom in and zoom out. Its almost like having our own personal app.

A prayer request form on the bottom of every page. It is designed to that its quick, simple and easy to submit a prayer request to us without having to remember our email. You can be out on the road and if you have a smart phone, you can easily submit a prayer request to us wherever you are. Also, we do not require you to enter your name so it can be anonymous or you can write your name in the message if you want.

Our new e/bulletin. We also implemented a new email bulletin that conforms to the new look and feel of the site. So on the site, you can sign up for it and we will be sending out a weekly e/bulletin containing news and announcements for upcoming events.

Upcoming events & calendar page. It has both a list of upcoming events and a full size calendar that allows you to look at future months.

Ministry team. We have updated our ministry team page so that you can know a little more about those who have taken up full time roles to serve this fellowship.

Learn about our history as a church. It is wonderful to look back at the vision God gave for this church and the merger back in 2013. Looking back, it is awesome to see the fruit and benefit of having been obedient to His directions.

Ministry pages. This gives us an opportunity to know the different ways we can connect here at Connect Los Banos.

Sermons Library. We attempted to make our ‘Sermons’ page as simple and beautiful as possible. It has complete functionality to download, stream or search by series, speaker, topic and more. It also allows to sign up for podcasts to get our sermons delivered directly to your mobile devices. And if you want to read the bible passage or listen to the bible passage before you listen to the sermon, just click on the sermon title which will take you to a detailed page which includes speaker bio, bible passage audio and text in addition to all the regular features.

Our blog page has also been updated to make it easier to filter through the different authors, recent posts and archives.

There are more features to come such as a tool to offer an option for online giving and perhaps down the line our very own app. We are pretty excited about this new resource . We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and we hope it helps you to connect with our growing community.