Last Sunday I delivered part 2 of our New Year Message and it was titled “Move Out The Mockers.”  Often times when you are trying to accomplish a task that God has given you it seems like mockers creep in and attempt to stonewall the progress. That is exactly what Satan wants to do when the work of God is going on.  Mockers come in all shapes & sizes, sexes & orientations.  Like Nehemiah we need to keep our eyes on the task at hand no matter how large the rubble is around us. Mockers can be our friends, our family, our fellowships & even ourselves.  If you find yourself around a mocker give them a hand UP & OUT of your life.  If you happen to be a mocker its not too late to repent and be used the way God wanted to before you became a mocker.  Like Sanballat & Tobias the only thing you will be used for as a mocker is to have your name listed just as they did. They are not the kind of company you want to be associated with.

God desires to do a good work in all of us & in all of our Fellowships. Our goal this year here @ CCLB will be to get the gospel out and to leave the mockers behind wont you join us?

Lord Bless Pastor Al