If I hear one more time phrases like “God is a growth business’ or “Jesus is the product” my prayers are going to change and sound a bit more like David “Lord kick them in the teeth” The time has come where we need to be even more vigilant for the schemes of the enemy and yes I am referring to the false teachers of our days. The list is huge and the people are falling for them. I love how crafty Satan is in telling us who point out the perils of these folks “Could it be that your just jealous that your not famous like them?”  Wow let me think about that for a moment…????  there done,  NO! The reason I even bring it up is because of the carnage I have personally witnessed here in Los Banos.

It is a mess here with many folks clamoring after the So Called “Spiritual Elite” We open the doors wide to all who have been beat down by life and by people who supposedly love them as well as those who took a beating at the hands of Church Leadership. These folks will take a while to recover and not because God is slow it is because Satan was crafty. His schemes that Paul told us we should not be ignorant of have been effective. We need Jesus!  We need to grow more in Him not books that the Christian peddlers pimp out for the last dime these people have.

We need Jesus, not another revival! STOP LOOKING FOR IT!

Look for HIM!

If you are a person who ascribes to those quotes I shared above or if you even promote those who do and you think it ok to say garbage like that please go do something else!  Go before its too late! May the Lord have mercy on us for our lethargy in this matter. From this day forward seek JESUS and not the celebrity Pastors who are ripping you off and we all know who they are. I wont mention any names but their initials are …………………

Nice try!

Lord Bless All you who desire to seek Him and not a product or a business ~ blessings Pastor AL