Well here it is finally the last day of 2011 who would have ever thought that we would actually make it this far? God has been so good to all of us here in Los Banos in that many have begun to grow by leaps and bounds. Hearts are mending, the lame are walking and the blind now see Jesus. What an incredible year for many who have suffered through many infirmities but the key word is “through.” God said He would take us through and He has. His promises to His people always come back proven good. I want to take this time to thank all of the precious saints who have assisted Linda and I through out this year. We remember our friends Rene & Deb who have moved on to SO Cal (keep the traffic) as well as a host of special people who we will always remember. God is good keep yourselves in the love of God! I pray 2012 is the best year yet for the ministry He has ahead for this fellowship God Bless & “HAPPY NEW YEAR” ~ Pastor AL