We are currently in a series that is titled “Gods Blueprint for Blended Families/Fellowships.” God has given us a unique opportunity to join together two Fellowships that were for all intensive purposes “doing the same work in the same community.” How fitting it is to be able to study through Gods design for blended Fellowships and we have seen this begin to nourish blended families as well. As we have learned that anything that God has His Hand in will ultimately be far better than what man could accomplish. You can check out our media section to see how we are progressing here in Los Banos through “Connect” Currently we have just started our youth ministry which is called “Wired” why “Wired?” Because it has been birthed by connecting the necessary components together in order for there to be illumination from Gods word to the students. A very special thanks to those who are now investing in this very important aspect of our new Fellowship and a much needed one at that. We invite you to come out & join us as we seek to learn of all that God has planned not only for us but for our Community as well. Blessings from~ The Pastors AL, Richard & Geno