I am sitting here at my desk in my small office looking out the window at the park across the street.  I find myself having difficulty staying focused on the message I am working on for tomorrow. As I ponder how much good if any this juncture is (reaching the people with the Word) my mind begins to drift.  Too many times I have read or heard about People, Pastors who have decided that they were done with “being a Christian” because of all the nonsense they have seen or endured in the church. I have seen probably way too many posts of both women & men who “feel” like what they have seen as “Christian” is but a farce. It is not uncommon to see all the failings of man in those post (including the writers) but the one thing I do not see is JESUS!

It seems that Jesus is always missing in their writings because all I see is a (man/woman) complaining about (man) and how it has caused them to turn away from the church. They try to convince themselves that they haven’t turned away from God but feel that they are no longer hip on the church. While I can understand that and how they feel I have to wonder “what about Jesus?” How did He feel on the cross when those He was dying for laughed, mocked, jeered at Him and all this while He was dying for us?

For once I would love to read about someone who has had it with church and began serving Jesus by being there for His people. It no longer became about them but others. This also goes along with all the people who feel it is their right to boast about their walk to others and how much they do for God. The world is in a shambles and it was designed to end up that way. The very one who is coming for us has designed it that way. Too many of Gods people have their minds on themselves and not on the one who is coming to get us.

Get your mind off of self & get it back on Jesus!