Linda & I made our first trek back to the desert in 2 yrs. We had a chance to not only spend time with Mike & Jill Florant but also made some new friends who will always be dear to us. What an amazing family the Theile’s are with their children. The Verpootens who share a great story with us of great pain at the hands of church leadership we love you guys. The Jones who have always been a sweet family that we knew from previous times when we were here. Of course Major Mary Wood who with out a doubt is so special to Linda and I how we wish we could snatch her up and take her back with us. Being back in the desert was pretty peaceful, well considering it brought back a mess of emotions again. Seeing the house Linda & I built while we were there was pretty hard to bare. Not being able to see 2 very special kids in Linda’s life was pretty hard as well. All things considered we had a pretty good trip. A very special thanks to Mike & Jill for treating us like family,  friends like you are what makes the family of God so special. I will be posting another segment regarding our overall assessment of the trip we took “Back Home” so to speak. May the Lord truly bless all of you who made our trip special.

God Bless You All