CHANGE  /chanj/

Verb: Make or become different

Noun: The act or instance of making or becoming different

: to make radically different : transform

: to give a different position, course, or direction to

: to replace with another

: to make a shift from one to another

: to undergo a modification of

This has been a very on going topic in the life of a believer. We are told that only the gospel can CHANGE a persons heart and that is true. Without the gospel there is no CHANGE.  For the follower of Christ there must be a notable CHANGE from a persons life without Christ to one that is with Him. Jesus is the ultimate reason that a believer is to CHANGE  from who they were apart from Him. Scripture is constantly telling us that when the Holy Spirit comes into our life we are now filled with Jesus. Our desire should be as His desires “to glorify the Father.” This CHANGE that we see is not merely to become better but to actually see a transformation from the old to the “New in Christ.”

The “New in Christ” is not a better version of the old but actually a radical difference from the old to the new. Often times it will always be others who can tell the difference between the two. The one thing that is eminent is it will be Jesus in the life that is radically CHANGED. He seems to always be the focal point and the One who gets all the recognition for any good that comes to us. CHANGE can produce transformation from what used to be to what is now. A man once said “CHANGE can produce opportunity.” For some CHANGE can produce fear. It more often is fear born out of the unknown. Many times we hang on to the past because we have already experienced it & often times have dealt with it already. Many have not dealt with it and sometimes push it into a box hoping to deal with it when they are emotionally able to.

The one thing that is most notably true is that CHANGE is always happening around us. Our world and our life is always dealing with CHANGE even if we are not. As circumstances around us CHANGE may we learn to CHANGE with them. May they not leave us behind. This year we will deal with CHANGE, we must!  As it comes, we must ask God to help us to grow with the CHANGE and to receive all the blessings He is trying to bring our way.  For some CHANGE may be in how they relate to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We must have a healthy understanding of exactly what it is and not hang on to tradition.  For others it might mean that we have to CHANGE our focus to others before self.  Needless to say we will most likely see CHANGE happen around us whether we want to or not.

Just as the Israelites experienced CHANGE after they were escorted out of Egypt (by God) through Moses may we see our CHANGE with Jesus as He takes us to even a greater walk with Him until He receives us to Himself.  May we CHANGE together and for one another as we extend the hand of  CHANGE!


Blessings Pastor AL