As we start Chapt 4 of (1 John) tomorrow it occurred to me just how effective Satan has been in inserting “False Teachers” into the church way back in Johns day.  I saw this logo and thought “My how catchy it is”  Being a former DARE Officer the one thing I would always tell my students was “I will NEVER lie to you.” I can see now why truth is so vital for the believer it is where Jesus is.  He is TRUTH!  All it took was a little doubt to be exposed in the church and look how effective it is. It is hard for people to even believe the truth because they no longer trust Preachers & Pastors and I have to boldly admit “I agree with them.” Obviously God desires that we grow in His word and obviously we need teachers of His Word so I ask that you please pray for those who are teaching His word and help us help each other in our quest to be more like Jesus!